Gina Catalano Photography – Del Mar – San Diego Photographer

I have always been blessed with amazing clients… from brides and grooms, to families, teens and children.  This July, our family moved to Southern California and I had to say goodbye to my clients… many of which became good family friends.

Now settled in sunny San Diego, our family couldn’t be happier.  We are thankful for our new community and the great families who have become our friends. The children love their new schools, the weather couldn’t be better, and we can’t get enough of the beach!

As a mother, I feel as though my job to make our transition from old life to new has been accomplished.  With everyone happy and settled, I feel as though I can once again concentrate on being a photographer and artist.  That said,  I am excited to re-open my photography business and serve the many wonderful families, teens and children here in the San Diego area.

Since I will be getting to know many of you, here’s a few fun photos of my family (courtesy of my husband’s iPhone)!

Hope to meet you soon!